S I L H O U E T T E    S H I N G L E S

Custom cedar shingle patterns and designs ~ Patterns are the easiest way to incorporate a design into your cedar shingle siding. Patterns are typically geometric, but some wildlife and nature symbols can also be created in a pattern.  Below we have an overview of some of our shingle patterns.  We offer custom, unique and artistic cedar shingle patterns and panels, workshops on creating silhouette shingle art and an unlimited variety of cedar shingle siding designs.

This home in Connecticut purchased several patterns. By using our "Net" pattern, their installer created this diamond design on the gable end of their home.

Visit our Pattern Photo Gallery for more pattern photos.
By combining our "Net" and "Buoy" patterns, the installer created this beautiful design on the side of the Connecticut house pictured above, incorporating the "port hole" windows into the fishnet & buoy design.

Visit our Pattern Photo Gallery for more pattern photos.
This B&B in Seward Alaska has a combination of wildlife and patterns.  Above the window are salmon swimming, and between the windows are bunches of circles, or "grape" designs.

You can see close ups of these in the
Pattern Photo Gallery.
This home in Alaska has a mural of salmon surrounded by buoys and netting.

Visit our 
Pattern Photo Gallery for more pattern photos.